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Vladimir Putin supported the postponement of the weekend to December 31

Russian President Vladimir Putin said during an extended press conference that he did not mind December 31 being a day off.

Commenting on the postponement of the weekend to December 31, Vladimir Putin noted: “Some employers have already announced that December 31 is their day off. I welcome this”. At the same time, Vladimir Putin noted that it is necessary to decide on the transfer of days off in advance and should not be done in a hurry on the eve of the upcoming New Year holidays. “Is it possible to change any weekend for December 31? Probably possible, but it is necessary to do it without haste” – said Vladimir Putin.

Recall, to date, 32 constituent entities of the Russian Federation have already decided that December 31, 2019 should be a day off. Also, a bill is currently under consideration by the State Duma, which supplements article 112 of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation with a new provision. It determines that one of the days off of the corresponding calendar year is postponed by the regulatory legal act of the Government of the Russian Federation on December 31, if this day is not a day off.