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Visa Support

Below you find the main types of visa support for foreign customers.


H Consulting provides the whole set of immigration services for short and long-term assignments, permanent residence and hire of foreign labor force locally. Below you find the main types of visa support for foreign customers.

Business visa

Foreigners who visit commercial and government structures to participate in important negotiations (consultations, meetings, conferences, congresses, symposiums, etc.) concerning trade and economic topics, as well as to improve their level of qualification and professional training in special scientific institutions, joint organizations, banking and commercial structures that have received accreditation in the necessary departments and ministries need to get visa.

HQP employees

Highly Qualified Professionals are foreign nationals with a signed labor agreement with a Russian employer and receiving a salary of not less than 2 000 000 rubles gross per year. For such employees, a work permit can be issued with the right to work. The permit is issued for a period of up to three years with the possibility to work in several regions of the Russian Federation. For more information on how to obtain HQP visa to Russia, please consult with one of our specialists.

Invitation letters

Our company is authorized to issue business invitations. This Invitation Letter – is an official document which constitutes the basis for issuance of visa at the respective Russian consulate abroad.
There is a big variety of purposes of visit to Russia, the main are: tourism, business, work, accompanying family member, technical visa (assembling of equipment).
For each of the purposes of visit there is a special type of invitation letter and visa issued on its basis. Feel free to contact our specialists for further information.

Work permit

Non-Russian representatives who have come to Russia to carry out their work must obligatory obtain a work permit. Russian companies cannot attract foreign citizens without obtaining permission to attract foreign labor and personal permits to work in Russia. The specialized lawyers at NH Consulting will take care of all required formalities which will help the foreign citizen to start his work in Russia legally.