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Trademark Registration

The lawyers of NH Consulting are experienced in Trademark registration.


y registering your trademark, you acquire exclusive rights to own and manage it. Specialists of our company will provide necessary consultations regarding the registration of trademarks and help to carry out a preliminary search, and also conduct an analysis or prepare recommendations for risks.

Registration of a trademark in Russia will help you to:
  • prevent third parties under any pretext to register your name and/or logo and then file a claim against you for compensation;
  • actively advertise your trademark (brand) on the country’s market, increase its recognition and cost;
  • have real opportunities for judicial protection of your name and/or logo;
NH Consulting offers all services regarding registration of trademarks:
  • prepare and implement the required package of documents for the registration of your Trademark;
  • we will provide legal support during registration;
  • in case of receiving a preliminary refusal of registration, prepare a founded response;
  • we will represent your interests in Courts and state bodies if this becomes necessary.