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Signed a law to reduce VAT on certain types of food

The President of the Russian Federation signed the law as amended by Art. 164 of the Tax Code, changing the VAT rate for certain types of food products. The relevant Federal Law dated 02.08.2019 No. 268-ФЗ is published on the Official Internet Portal of Legal Information.

According to the current rules in relation to the sale of palm oil, a preferential VAT rate of 10% is applied. For fruit products, the tax rate is 20%. Signed law swaps these bets.

Accordingly, in relation to the sale of fruits and berries (including grapes), a preferential VAT rate of 10% will now be applied. At the same time, the preferential VAT rate for palm oil is canceled. Under the new rules, the general tax rate of 20% will be applied when selling this product.

The law will enter into force on October 1, 2019.