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Rostrud warned of scammers posing as labor inspectors

Rostrud warned employers of the increasing incidence of telephone fraud when callers appear to be employees of the state labor inspectorate.

Fraudsters call an employer and report that work is underway with respect to the company, during which unscheduled inspections are planned. After that, the employer is offered paid services in preparation for allegedly preparing control and supervisory measures, printing products and literature. According to the callers, these expenses guarantee minimization of the negative consequences of any inspections of the state labor inspection.

The Rostrud’s report notes that similar fraud was detected in Moscow, Stavropol, Perm, Krasnodar Territories, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Komi, Penza, Kirov, Volgograd, Samara, Saratov, Ulyanovsk, Vladimir, Voronezh, Kostroma, Oryol, Bryan , Tver, Smolensk, Kursk, Ryazan, Murmansk, Lipetsk and Astrakhan regions.

In connection with the identification of such facts, Rostrud sent a letter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation with a request to take the necessary measures to respond to these facts. Rostrud also encourages employers to report such cases of fraud to law enforcement.

The agency also warns that state labor inspectorates do not provide any paid services.