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Rostrud found out how many citizens work on vacation

Most of Russian workers (78%) spend time on some work-related matters during their holidays. Such data leads Rostrud according to a survey in which 5,000 people were accepted.

Almost every third (29%) employee surveyed admitted that they regularly check their mail during vacations and respond to inquiries related to work. Another 49% of workers reported that they decided on urgent work matters during the holidays. And only 22% of employees completely rest from work, not answering either letters or calls.

In addition, the survey participants said they often use their vacations to find new jobs. So, 23% of respondents said that when deciding to change their jobs they always use vacation to search for a new one, and another 27% said that they had to do this when there was a need to urgently change jobs. 50% of respondents said that they try to use their vacation only for rest from work.