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Quota for foreign workers will decrease by almost a third

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova said that the government plans to establish the need for foreign workers for 2020 in the amount of almost 105,000 people.

At a meeting of the Russian tripartite commission under the government of the Russian Federation on the regulation of social and labor relations, the Deputy Prime Minister said: “The resolution proposes to approve the need for foreign workers for the next year in the amount of almost 105,000 people. Quotas for issuing work permits and invitations to enter the country to foreign citizens are approved in the same amount”.

According to Tatyana Golikova, it is planned to attract about 30,000 people to the places of workers employed in mining, capital, repair and construction works, almost 12,000 people in the metalworking and machine-building industries, as operators and machinists of industrial plants – 12,000 people, reports TASS.

Recall that earlier the same quota in foreign workers for 2020 (in the amount of 104,993 people) was proposed by the Ministry of Labor. The value for 2020 is 72.6% of the demand for 2019.

The need for foreign workers is determined on the basis of proposals from the regions and is formed taking into account the current situation in the labor market, demographic situation, the principle of priority use of national labor resources, and the possibility of arranging foreign citizens.