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Is it possible to confirm expenses by cash register

The Ministry of Finance said in which cases a cash receipt is sufficient to confirm expenses in order to calculate corporate income tax.

As the financial department explains in a letter dated November 18, 2019 No. 03-03-07 / 88709, the mandatory details of the primary accounting document are:

  • title of the document;
  • date of preparation of the document;
  • name of the economic object that made the document;
  • the content of the fact of economic life;
  • the value of the natural or monetary measurement of the fact of economic life, indicating the units of measurement;
  • the name of the position of the person who completed the transaction or operationresponsible for its design.

According to the norms of the Federal Law of 05.22.2003 N 54-ФЗ “On the application of KKT when making settlements in the Russian Federation”, a cash receipt formed when making settlements between organizations or individual entrepreneurs using cash or presenting electronic means of payment, along with the above details, must contain the following:

  • name of the buyer – name of the organization or full name of the individual entrepreneurs;
  • tax identification number;
  • information about the country of origin of the goods (when making payments for the goods);
  • excise tax amount (if applicable);
  • registration number of the customs declaration (when making payments for the goods, if applicable).

The identification of the buyer as an organization takes place on the basis of a power of attorney presented to him to make settlements on behalf of the organization.

Subject to all the above conditions, the expenses incurred can be taken into account when forming the tax base for corporate income tax, as these documents clearly and definitely show what expenses were incurred.