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Notifications about the inability to submit documents must be submitted in a new form

The tax authorities will not punish taxpayers for applying the old form of notification of the inability to provide documents or information on time.

In its message dated 10.06.2019, the Office reminds that since June 10, 2019 a new form of notification about the impossibility to provide documents or information to the tax authorities on time was introduced.

The new form of notification allows taxpayers to inform tax authorities about the circumstances that impede the submission of documents on time. For example, documents are lost or withdrawn by law enforcement agencies. Also in the notification, you can specify the circumstances in which the Tax Code allows not to submit the required documents.

The outdated form of such notification, approved by order of the Federal Tax Service dated January 25, 2017 No. MMB-7-2/34, as well as the recommended form given in the Appendix to the letter of the Federal Tax Service dated November 7, 2014 No. ED-4-15/21688, since June 10 do not apply.