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The list of works where women’s labor is limited was reduced by 4 times

The Ministry of Labor approved a list of industries, jobs and positions with harmful and dangerous working conditions, which limit the use of women’s labor. The corresponding order of July 18, 2019 No. 512н is published on the Official Internet portal of legal information.

Recall that the current list of heavy, harmful and hazardous work, the performance of which prohibits the use of women’s labor, was approved by resolution No. 162 of 02.25.2000. This list includes 456 works, divided into 39 groups by type of production and industry.

The new approved list contains 100 industries, jobs and positions (professions), which restrict the use of women’s labor. In the updated list, instead of the words about the prohibition of women’s labor in certain jobs, only a restriction on the use of women’s labor is supposed. In the list itself, another classification of production and work is applied, where female labor is limited.

As the Ministry of Labor previously reported, the criteria for updating the list were factors that are dangerous for the reproductive health of women, affecting the health of the future generation and have long-term consequences. This list excludes arbitrary restriction by employers of the use of women’s labor.

A new list of industries, jobs and professions where female labor is limited will enter into force on January 1, 2021.