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Federal Tax Service switched to soft measures for working with debtors

The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation prefers to use “soft measures” in relation to tax debtors. This was announced on television by the deputy head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation Konstantin Chekmyshev.

The representative of the Federal Tax Service noted: “Debt is an integral part of any financial relationship. We have increased tax revenues and liabilities, but debt is declining. This is a truly unique situation”.

According to Konstantin Chekmyshev, the Federal Tax Service prefers to apply soft measures when working with debtors, leaving debt collection as the most extreme method.

The deputy head of the Federal Tax Service recalled that since 2019, tax authorities have received the right to independently resolve technical debts. For example, if the taxpayer incorrectly indicated the BCC, the tax authorities themselves will correct it and send the payment to the correct addressee. Also, with debts of less than 3000 rubles, penalties are not applied to organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

According to the representative of the Federal Tax Service, the collection itself begins with soft measures. Any taxpayer must first be notified and given two weeks to fulfill obligations. For bona fide taxpayers who want, but for some reason cannot pay taxes, conciliation procedures work – amicable agreements and installments. “Three years ago we had 12 times fewer world agreements. Now we annually settle about 15 billion of debt in exactly this way” – Konstantin Chekmyshev explained.

Only if the analysis shows that the taxpayer is unscrupulous, then, on the basis of data on his lawsuits, existing enforcement proceedings, asset movements and finances, tax authorities prepare an individual project concept for working with him.