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Employers and unions approve electronic personnel records law

The Russian tripartite commission for the regulation of social and labor relations approved the bill of the Ministry of Labor on an experiment to convert personnel documents into electronic form.

The Deputy Minister of Labor of the Russian Federation Vsevolod Vukolov in this regard recalled that the bill defines the main provisions of the experiment for individual employers to maintain personnel documents in electronic form without paper. These are labor contracts, registration of vacations and business trips, keeping records of working hours, labor protection documents, etc.

The duration of the experiment is from January 1 to December 31, 2020.

“The prerequisites for the preparation of the bill were, on the one hand, circumstances when a number of companies are already conducting electronic document management for documents that are permitted by the Labor Code, and on the other hand, numerous requests from employees. Basically, remote workers and shift workers who would like to conclude electronic employment contracts so that later, when they reach the workplace, the main provisions of the contracts that were announced to them when applying for a job, for example, in another region, would not be changed. There are a lot of such cexamples” – explained Vsevolod Vukolov.

According to the deputy minister, the purpose of this experiment is to create and develop mechanisms for maintaining and applying personnel documents in electronic form, as well as to prepare proposals on amendments to the legislation of the Russian Federation based on the results of the experiment.