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How employers should change working conditions in the heat

Employers need to change the working conditions of employees in hot weather. Rostrud warns about this in his information report of 05/31/2019.

According to the professional risk management procedure, each employer must identify all hazards that threaten the life and health of employees in hot weather. Such hazards can be the danger of thermal shock during a long stay in a room with high air temperature, the dangers associated with exposure to microclimate, climatic hazards.

Then the employer must assess the levels of occupational risks and take measures to eliminate or reduce them.

So, in hot weather, an employer must:

  • provide an appropriate temperature regime, for example, by conditioning;
  • give employees the opportunity to take breaks in work;
  • provide places for employees to rest;
  • ensure that clean drinking water and a first-aid kit with medicines are always available in work areas.

The duration of the working time when the air temperature deviates from the norm is set by SanPiN. If the temperature in the working room has reached 28.5 degrees, it is recommended to shorten the working day by an hour. When the temperature rises to 29 degrees – for 2 hours, at a temperature of 30.5 degrees – for 4 hours.

At the same time, for workers performing work associated with constant movement (walking), moderate and significant physical exertion, carrying and moving weights, the duration of the working day is reduced when lower temperatures are reached (26.5 degrees-27.5 degrees).