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Employers were allowed to not pay extra for the performance of duties in several positions

The Khabarovsk Regional Court found that an employee who is actually performing duties in several positions does not need to pay extra for combination.

In court, the employee indicated that he worked as a labor safety specialist. Moreover, the duties performed by him did not correspond to this position. So, among other things, he had to perform the duties of a storekeeper. He prepared applications for inventory items, gave employees tools, protective clothing and personal protective equipment, and also kept records and monitored the safety of inventories.

Accordingly, in his opinion, he replaced two positions – a specialist in labor protection and a storekeeper, but received a salary only for performing the duties of a specialist in labor protection.

In this regard, the employee demanded to oblige the employer to increase his salary and to appoint a bonus for combining posts. The court refused to satisfy the stated requirements. The judges explained that each employer independently determines the scope of duties for a particular position.