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NH Consulting helps you to navigate the risk and red tape of employment in Russia.

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How to pay outsourced employees in Russia.

NH Consulting serves organizations looking to grow and engage workers, but lacking the local knowledge, network or facilities to do so in a compliant way.

With a people-focused approach, NH Consulting helps you to navigate the risks and red tape of employment in Russia, using the expertise we have gained from 19 years of growth in Russia.

With NH Consulting on your side, you can benefit from peace of mind, reduced costs and the opportunity for rapid expansion into the exciting Russian market.

Since 2001 NH Consulting has helped many organizations pay and hire workers in Russia. We enable business success through smarter, more efficient payroll, onboarding, time and expense management, and more.

Employer of Record Services

Our Employer of Record solution allows clients to employ new or existing workers in Russia without the need to set up an entity of their own. NH Consulting employs the worker on the client’s behalf through our local Russian company, while the client retains management of the worker. NH Consulting’s specialists handle all necessary local employment, payroll and HR tasks.

Our centralized payroll solutions give international companies comprehensive insights into workforce costs to help make data-driven strategic decisions, and our Employer of Record service, NH Consulting enables expansion into the Russian market in as little as two weeks.

NH Consulting helps companies expand quickly into Russia without the hassle of establishing an in-country subsidiary. Our Employer of Record model enables you to mitigate risk and manage compliance, taxes, benefits, and payrolling in Russia.

When you work with us, there are no extra costs or hidden fees, and we are here for you every step of the way—from generating employment contracts to running compliant payroll, offering competitive benefits, premium HR support, and more—we manage it all, so you can manage your business.

We offer full outsourcing administrative services!

Take the next big step for your company with the experts in Russian expansion by your side.

The speed at which you deploy international talent is key to your company’s success. Our Russian employment solution can help you employ and payroll foreign talent in the promising Russian market without costly business entities and needing to learn complex in-country labor laws.

You select the right candidate, regardless of where they are based. NH Consulting will onboard them in a right, legally compliant way so that you are protected from compliance risks and unexpected costs.

NH Consulting’s Russian Employment Solution

At the very heart of NH Consulting’s Employment Solution is the idea of helping companies onboard their foreign employees fast, when the need to do so is urgent. This solution is a perfect fit for businesses willing to keep their local presence as well as talent they work with while at the same time liquidating their legal entities, for companies going through mergers and acquisitions, or companies that want to convert their current independent freelancer / contractors / agents to remain 100% compliant while hiring internationally.

Regardless of employee number, we can onboard your foreign talent within 72 hours. Our Express Russian Employment or in other words Russian employee leasing & payroll outsourcing solution is aimed at employing both local citizens and foreigners (expats) for you in time-critical situations, when you need them hired on the spot, keeping in mind of course the required work permits for foreigners. Your only task is to select the right candidate in Russia and let us do the rest.

We act as your company’s HR department in Russia. We do the onboarding, pay all taxes and monthly salaries, reducing the whole procedure to a single monthly invoice for you. Our mission is to help you increase revenues by expanding into the promising Russian market by engaging the best people as fast and easily as you would do in your home country.

When you use our Russian Employment Solution, we do for you:

  • preparation of mandatory documents for in-country fast (express) employment
  • 100% compliant employee onboarding within 72 hours and offboarding (termination)
  • detailed payroll calculations (base salary, bonuses, sick-leave, business trips, holidays, etc.), monthly pay slips; employee and employer tax calculations and returns
  • monthly invoicing
  • completing local tax payments and submitting reports to local authorities
  • assistance with work permits and business visas for your expatriate personnel

What you get:

  • Accuracy
  • Cost reduction
  • Full legislative compliance with the local and international tax legislation
  • Increased efficiency
  • Timeliness and less effort

Leverage our deep knowledge of complicated local Russian regulations and tax calculations instead of learning them by yourself. Use NH Consulting’s Russian Employment Solution to get unrivaled flexibility to engage a Russian workforce with unique skills, place smaller numbers of remote personnel for short-term projects, and test the markets before establishing your own subsidiaries in Russia while remaining fully compliant with local legislation.

Some reasons why you should work with us:

  • Active in Russia since 2001
  • Dutch owned and Dutch managed
  • We speak your language: Russian, English, German, Dutch
  • Group companies in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova
  • Our specialists understand very well the Russian requirements and the international standards
  • Our staff is flexible and customer-oriented
  • NH Consulting will consult you and offer you the best solution according to your needs
  • We will provide you with all necessary assistance and support through our Russian office
  • Our staff is friendly and will help you to solve your challenges with pleasure!

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