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What data should be included in environmental reporting in 2019

Rosprirodnadzor specified what data should be reported by manufacturers and importers of goods (packaging) to be disposed of.

In its letter dated 29.07.2019 No. AA-10-02-32 / 19871, the agency recalls that the procedure for declaring by manufacturers and importers the quantity of released goods (packaging) that are to be disposed of after they have lost their consumer properties is determined by government decree dated 12.24.2015 No. 1417 (as amended and supplemented).

Rosprirodnadzor clarifies that in 2019, importers and manufacturers of goods, reporting for 2018, indicate in the reports on the implementation of recycling standards and the calculation of the environmental tax the number of goods released into circulation in the Russian Federation in 2017, using the waste disposal standards for the use of goods in 2018. These standards are established by government decree dated December 28, 2017 No. 2971-r.

When submitting a declaration for the reporting year 2018 in 2019, it indicates the number of goods released into circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation, packaging of goods sold for domestic consumption in 2018.