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The President forbade increasing the burden on the business through new checks

Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with business ombudsman Boris Titov about the inadmissibility of increasing the administrative burden on business through new types of inspections. The Presidential Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs complained that despite the decline in the total number of inspections by 41%, new types of...
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The Ministry of Finance named the conditions when reimbursement of expenses for travel to work can be included in expenses

Compensation of employee expenses for travel to the place of work and back must be established in a collective or labor contract. In addition, such a payment should not be social. The given expense should be a payment, follows from the letter of financiers. Under these conditions, the compensation can be written off under Art. 255 Tax...
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Deadline for submission of a report on non-resident accounts for 2018 is approaching

Russian financial market companies are required to submit to the FTS information about the financial accounts of their foreign clients for 2017-2018 no later than May 31, 2019. This is reminded by the Federal Tax Service in its information message dated 08/05/2019. The specified information should be submitted by financial companies in the format of...
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