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The authorities have expanded the list of products subject to mandatory labeling

The government has expanded the list of goods subject to mandatory labeling. The corresponding order dated 13.07.2019 No. 1533-p is published on the Official Internet portal of legal information.

Recall, the list of ten groups of goods subject to mandatory labeling, approved by government decree of 28.04.2018 No. 792-p.

Now this list includes dairy products, including:

  • milk (except raw) and cream, including sublimated and whole;
  • butter, butter pastes, ghee, dairy fat, spreads and melted butter-vegetable mixtures;
  • milk and cream, condensed or with added sugar or other sweeteners;
  • whey;
  • dairy products, not included in other groups;
  • ice cream.

In this case, it is envisaged that the deadline for the introduction of mandatory labeling will be determined by the results of the experiment on the labeling of certain types of dairy products, the conduct of which is provided for by Resolution No. 836 of 06/29/2019.