2019 tax reporting deadline

The deadlines for submitting tax reports postponed due to coronavirus are approaching. The Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation warns about this in the information from 06.23.2020.

The Office recalls that, taking into account the rules on the extension of the deadlines for the submission of tax reporting, provided for by government decree of 04/04/2020 No. 409, no later than June 25, 2020, it is necessary to submit the following declarations:

  • excise taxes on alcohol and tobacco products, cars and motorcycles for February 2020;
  • for excise taxes on petroleum products for February 2020, as well as for September, December 2019 – for certain categories of excise tax payers with relevant certificates.

Not later than June 29, 2020, necessary to submit:

  • corporate profit tax for 2019, for two months of 2020;
  • tax calculations on income paid to foreign organizations and withheld taxes for 2019;
  • tax on additional income from hydrocarbon production for 2019.

No later than June 30, 2020, it is necessary to submit declarations on the simplified taxation system (for legal entities) and on the single agricultural tax for 2019.